one_bad_apple_md_blkHere we have the 13 questions that your character will need to have filled out before a GM will create a short description and voice for you. Information on here cannot be seen by other players and often GM’s will refer to this to see if you’re playing in character or to obtain some juicy background information to use to involve you in a run or such. The more detail here the better so write like crazy!


What is your character’s physical size? (Are you tall and skinny, short and stout etc..)
What color is your characters hair, eyes and skin?
Where was your character born?
Tell a little bit about your family?
Where or how was your character educated?
What did you do before deciding to become a runner?
What is the characters moral code?
Do you think killing is acceptable, why?
Under what circumstances will your character kill?
Does your character have any goals?
Why or what circumstances has caused the character to enter the shadows?
What is the character’s personality?
Are there certain things the character can or will not do?
What does the character hate?
What does the character love?

To help you in your character development you and download the Character Sheet, to use to place answers to these questions on.